10 ChatGPT alternatives for 2024


10 ChatGPT alternatives for 2024

Since ChatGPT was introduced by OpenAI in late November 2022, it has made waves. 
Not only on social media, but also in many major online magazines and newspapers.

And not without reason:

ChatGPT represents an enormous advancement of current AI text generators .

The chatbot can not only create, rewrite or rewrite texts on instruction, but also interact with you. He remembers e.g. B. the chat history and can ask questions. In addition, ChatGPT can write code on instruction and explain it to you, which alone is a small revolution.


The competition never sleeps. Meanwhile, dozens of other AI bots are in the starting blocks. I would like to introduce you to the 10 best known and best in this article.

Table of contents
  • ChatGPT and alternatives at a glance
  • 1. Jasper Chat
  • 2. Chatflash (from Neuroflash)
  • 3. Chatsonic (from Writesonic)
  • 4.BingChat
  • 5.Claude
  • 6. Google Bard
  • 7. Perplexity AI
  • 8. YouChat (from You.com)
  • 9. OpenAI Playground
  • 10. Github Copilot
  • Alternative language models
  • FAQ

ChatGPT and alternatives at a glance

Web sourcesprice (month)
ChatGPTGPT 3.5 & 4YesYes
Yes(plus only)free / $23.80
jasper chatGPT 3.5 & 4YesYes
Yesfrom $24
NeuroflashGPT 3.5 & 4YesYes
Nofree / from €24.16
ChatsonicGPT 3.5 & 4YesYes
Yesfree / from $12.67
Bing ChatGPT-4YesYes
Yesfor free
Nowaiting list
Google bardPalm 2YesYes
Yesfree (for US users)
Yesfor free
perplexityGPT 3.5 & 4YesYes
Yesfor free
OpenAI PlaygroundGPT 3.5 & 4YesYes
Nofor free
GitHub copilotGPT 3.5YesYes
Nofrom $10

1. Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat

Jasper is currently one of the most popular text generators on the market and currently the best alternative to ChatGPT.

The developers of the tool reacted quickly to the release of ChatGPT and released the Jasper Chat feature three weeks after ChatGPT was released.

The chat feature probably wasn't a huge step for the developers, since Jasper already had a feature with Boss Mode that allowed you to create texts using text commands.

Jasper Chat, like Boss Mode, is very good for text creation, which in my tests was just as good or sometimes even better than ChatGPT.

Jasper can also generate and create code.

Jasper Chat also has the option to include Google search results in the replies.

This is super useful and a huge advantage over ChatGPT!

2. Chatflash (from Neuroflash)


Neuroflash is also a very good alternative to ChatGPT.

In our text generator test, Neuroflash was able to secure a good second place and is currently the best alternative to Jasper .

Like Jasper, Neuroflash has released its own chat assistant, ChatFlash , which is based on GPT-4 and GPT-3.5.

ChatFlash is easily and quickly accessible in the right sidebar of the normal text editor in Neuroflash.

You can transfer the generated answers to the editor with one click, which is great if you want to write longer texts such as blog articles or term papers.

Like ChatGPT, Neuroflash can also write code.

Unfortunately, ChatFlash cannot yet include external sources or search results in its answers, which is a disadvantage compared to Jasper Chat and Chatsonic.

3. Chatsonic (from Writesonic)


Chatsonic is a new feature of the AI ​​text generator Writesonic and for me it is currently the second best alternative to ChatGPT for English-language texts (right after Jasper Chat).

Even though the number of supported languages ​​has now been expanded to 24, the Writesonic chatbot shines particularly when you only want to generate texts in English. Because it offers a decisive advantage over ChatGPT:

You can set the tool to use up-to-date Google data for its answers:

This will also give you a response from Chatsonic if you ask about a more recent event, like the 2022 World Cup:


Bing Chat

On February 7 , Microsoft introduced a new Bing version that integrates a ChatGPT-based chatbot into the search engine.

On desktop PCs, the chatbot is displayed to the right of the normal search results:

In the mobile search results, i.e. when you call up Bing via smartphone, the chatbot is displayed above the normal search results.

Similar to YouChat or Perplexity (two other ChatGPT alternatives), the chat responses are generated using external websites, which are credited as the source in the form of footnotes.

I like that important dates are highlighted in bold and the answers can be presented in list and tabular form.

Just like ChatGPT Plus with the browsing mode or plugins, Bing Chat can also include Internet sources in its answers (although sometimes the researched numbers, data and facts are not correct). However, it is completely free!

The only drawback:

Unfortunately, Bing Chat cannot be used in Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, but only in the Bing app on the smartphone or in Microsoft Edge.



Claude is an AI chatbot by Anthropic AI and was officially launched on March 14, 2023 .

The AI ​​chatbot is available in two versions, "Claude" and "Claude Instant". The former is the high-performance variant, the latter is a cheaper and faster model.

Claude is currently in a closed beta, but you can be put on a waiting list . I got access after about 2 weeks.

However, there is an opportunity to use Claude as part of Quora's AI chatbot Poe :

I have now been able to test Claude extensively and found it to be good. The answers don't quite match ChatGPT and the training data seems to be half a year to a year older, but I like that Claude can create tables and write code:

Claude also generates replies very quickly and has never been down due to server overload. So it is a good alternative to the free ChatGPT version.

I find the new variant 100K variant by Claude really ingenious , with which you can enter up to approx. 75,000 words as a prompt.

6. Google Bard

Google Bard

Google presented its ChatGPT alternative “Bard” on February 6th . While it initially looked like it would be significantly inferior to ChatGPT, Google has made massive improvements to the chatbot over the past few months:

Bard is based e.g. B. since May 2023 on Google's latest AI model "PaLM 2", which brings the following new functions and properties:

  • Multilingualism: PaLM 2 is trained for multilingual texts and includes more than 100 languages.
  • Logical reasoning: PaLM 2's extensive dataset includes academic papers and websites that contain mathematical expressions, making it better at math and logic.
  • Coding: PaLM 2 can program and, in addition to common programming languages ​​such as Python and JavaScript, also masters special languages ​​such as Prolog, Fortran and Verilog.

I've been testing Bard for several weeks now and I'm thrilled. 😃

It is sometimes somewhat restrictive, e.g. B. in content creation, but otherwise it is in no way inferior to ChatGPT.

It can also access search results and web pages, which offers ingenious possibilities. For example, this allows Bard to put together a guide on how to code a ChatGPT plugin (which would not be possible without internet access as the plugins have only been around for 2 months).

The big advantage of Bard:

It responds at lightning speed in contrast to ChatGPT in browsing mode or Bing Chat. While OpenAI and Microsoft chatbots sometimes take 15 seconds or more to respond, Bard usually responds in under 5 seconds.

7. Perplexity AI

Perplexity AI

Perplexity is an AI search engine that is a great and also free alternative to ChatGPT or Bing Chat.

It is particularly well suited for conducting intensive internet research on a topic.

Similar to Bing Chat or ChatGPT in browsing mode, the sources of the generated answers are cited in the form of footnote numbers.

Similar questions or topics appear below the answer, and you have the option to ask follow-up questions. You can also delve further into a topic by clicking on the underlined links in the answer.

I also think the new “Copilot” feature is brilliant. Similar to AutoGPT or BabyAGI , it not only outputs AI-generated answers, but performs more complex workflows to answer a question or perform an action for you. You can activate it in the search box and use it 5 times every 4 hours.

If you e.g. B. planning a trip, it asks you intermediate questeions to find the best possible itinerary for you.

8. YouChat (from You.com)


You.com was the first search engine to integrate a chat assistant into the search results.

Now the chat is no longer displayed above the search results, but is opened by default when searching something on You.com. Relevant search results are displayed in the sidebar on the right.

I often use You.com as a ChatGPT alternative when I want to research the Internet.

Because I find it pleasant that the search results are displayed to the right of the chat and are not relegated to the footnotes or, as with Bing Chat, only become visible when you scroll down.

With YouCode , YouWrite and YouImagine , You.com has also been offering its own AI code assistant, AI text generator and AI image generator for a few weeks, making it more and more a complete solution for "generative AI".

9. OpenAI Playground

Open AI Playground

With the OpenAI Playground, all of ChatGPT's AI models can be tried out for free.

This includes the chat models "GPT-3.5" and "GPT-4", which you can also use in ChatGPT or the paid version "ChatGPT Plus".

It is a good alternative to ChatGPT when the chatbot is down again, doesn't work properly or gives slow answers. The OpenAI Playground usually works even when ChatGPT doesn't.

It also offers some advanced setting options that you can play with, such as setting the "Temperature" with which you can determine how creative the responses from GPT-3.5 & Co. should be.

10. Github Copilot

Github Copilot

GitHub Copilot is the best alternative to ChatGPT if you only want to generate code and no texts.

Like ChatGPT, the tool is also based on the OpenAI API, but follows a different principle that is more practical for programming:

It doesn't offer its own user interface or app, but is installed as an extension available for popular editors such as Neovim, JetBrains IDEs, Visual Studio and Visual Studio Code:

It supports many different frameworks and programming languages, but works best for Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, Go, C# and C++.

GitHub Copilot starts at $10 per month and currently offers a 60-day trial period.

Alternative language models

ChatGPT uses GPT-3.5 , which consists of the three language models code-davinci-002text-davinci-002and text-davinci-003The newer GPT-4 is also available for ChatGPT Plus users .

However, there are various other language models (LLMs) from other organizations and technology companies that could be considered for the development of AI chatbots:

language modelparameters (maximum)developer
AlexaTM20 billionAmazon Science
BLOOM176 billionBigScience
chinchilla70 billiondeep mind
GLaM1.2 billionsGoogleResearch
gophers280 billiondeep mind
Jurassic-1178 billionAI21
LaMDA137 billionGoogleResearch
LLaMA65 billionMetaAI
Megatron Turing NLG530 billionNVIDIA
opt175 billionMetaAI
PaLM540 billionGoogleResearch
Palm 215 billionGoogleResearch
StableLM30 billionStability.ai


Here I have put together answers to frequently asked questions about ChatGPT and its alternatives:

Are there free alternatives to ChatGPT?

Yes, Perplexity , YouChat by You.com, Bing Chat and Chatsonic are free to use. Neuroflash also offers a free plan that allows you to generate 2,000 words per month for free.

Which of the ChatGPT alternatives is best for programmers?

The best ChatGPT alternative for programmers is GitHub Copilot . Replit's Ghostwriter may also be worth a look.

Why should I look for an alternative to ChatGPT?

There are currently three reasons to look for an alternative to ChatGPT:

  1. There are some tools that can generate better texts than ChatGPT in certain areas or offer better usability.
  2. Internet access with ChatGPT is currently still error-prone and is only available in the Plus version
  3. ChatGPT has often been unavailable since the beginning of January because the servers are busy. If you want more reliable access with fewer restrictions, you have to buy ChatGPT Plus (but even then there are often failures or errors).,,,,,,,,,,,
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