8 Genius Ways to Use ChatGPT for Instagram 2024


8 Genius Ways to Use ChatGPT for Instagram 2023

ChatGPT is a jack of all trades:

It can not only write texts of any kind, but also make a number of tasks as an Instagram creator or influencer easier or even completely relieve you.

In this article, I will introduce you to eight ingenious ways you can use ChatGPT for your Instagram channel.

Of course with example outputs and the corresponding prompts.

Table of contents
  • 1. Generate quotes and sayings
  • 2. Carousel posts from blog articles
  • 3. Find discussion topics
  • 4. Create polls
  • 5. Respond to difficult comments
  • 6. Find post ideas
  • 7. Find reel ideas
  • 8. Create an Instagram editorial plan
  • FAQ

1. Generate quotes and sayings

ChatGPT is pretty good at generating quotes or sayings that you can use either as a standalone Instagram post or as part of a carousel post.

The following prompt has proven useful for this:

Make a list of 50 quotes that [motivate/make you think/evoke longing]

Alternatively, you can have ChatGPT generate quotes on a specific topic for you:

Make a list of 50 quotes on [topic]

2. Carousel posts from blog articles

A brilliant use for ChatGPT is content recycling.

For example, you can use the tool to turn your blog articles into carousel posts.

Note: Specifying the number of slides is optional. You can also let ChatGPT decide the number of slides.
Create an Instagram carousel post with [number] slides from the following blog post:

[insert blog article]

3. Find discussion topics

You want more interaction on your Instagram profile? Then it may make sense to look more into topics that are commonly discussed in your niche.

ChatGPT can help you find such topics:

Make a list of 20 discussion topics in the [Topic/Niche] section.

You can also take it a step further and have it throw out controversial topics that should spark even more conversation:

Make a list of 20 controversial topics in the [topic/niche] section.

4. Create polls

Do you want to increase your engagement with surveys?

No problem. ChatGPT is also great for this:

Give me 10 Instagram poll ideas on [topic] with 4 answers each

5. Respond to difficult comments

Don't know how to reply to negative, critical, weird or very long Instagram comments?

ChatGPT can do that for you too. Without getting defensive or unfriendly:

Generate me a short and friendly response to the following comment, which is a maximum of 3 sentences long. Include appropriate emojis in your reply and address the commenter on a first-name basis.

If the comment is critical, don't respond defensively in your response, but respond to it with a growth mindset. However, avoid making overly large or specific concessions or promises:

[insert comment]

6. Find post ideas

Don't know what to post next?

No problem. ChatGPT is great for generating ideas:

I run an Instagram channel on [topic]. My target audience is [insert target audience]. Make me a list of 20 Instagram post ideas.

7. Find reel ideas

Of course, what works for posts also works for Instagram reels:

I run an Instagram channel on [topic]. My target audience is [insert target audience]. Make me a list of 20 Instagram reel ideas.

8. Create an Instagram editorial plan

In addition to ideas for posts or reels, ChatGPT can do even more.

You can even use it to create a complete Instagram editorial schedule:

Make me a tabular editorial plan with 20 post ideas for Instagram on [topic], aimed at [audience]. The table should contain the following columns:

- Post Title
- Post Type (Video, Reel, Carousel, Image)
- Description of the post idea

Find exciting and unusual post ideas that encourage readers to take [desired action, e.g. B. to comment on the post]. Your answer should only contain the table and no introduction or description of it.


Here I have put together answers to frequently asked questions about ChatGPT and Instagram:

Can I also use ChatGPT directly in the Instagram app?

No, unfortunately that is not possible.

However, you can use ChatGPT to create Instagram posts on PC or laptop if you install "Merlin", one of the currently best Chrome extensions for ChatGPT .

With it, you can create posts or reply to comments or DMs in the Meta Business Suite or Instagram desktop app.

Does the Instagram algorithm penalize AI texts?

It is not yet known whether Instagram will algorithmically downgrade posts with AI text and show fewer people. There is nothing about it in the Instagram Community Guidelines so far.

What alternatives to ChatGPT are there?

The following three AI text generators also offer a chat or command function and are therefore very suitable as an alternative to ChatGPT :

  • Neuroflash
  • jaspers
  • Writesonic
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